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  • Matthew MacDonald

    Matthew MacDonald

    Teacher, coder, long-ago Microsoft MVP. Author of heavy books. Join Young Coder for a creative take on science and technology. Queries: matthew@prosetech.com

  • H. Eren Keskin

    H. Eren Keskin

    Boş İşler Uzmanı ve Osmangazi EEE öğrencisi....

  • Vanand Gasparyan

    Vanand Gasparyan

    Software Engineer at Google

  • PlanB



  • İrem İkra Adlığ

    İrem İkra Adlığ

  • George Calin

    George Calin

    10+ years of experience in a blend of mentoring, programming, business intelligence, people and logistics management :: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cgeorge1978/

  • Uğur TARLACI

    Uğur TARLACI




    Team Leader & Android Developer @Ekmob

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